Normal doesn’t exist

I have three assignments and an exam all in this month so obviously, I thought rather than studying, it would be the perfect time to go on Netflix. Procrastination at its finest.

I happened to come across ‘The Perfect Date’ which recently aired worldwide. It’s, of course, a romantic, bordering on rom-com movie, since those are all I watch. Starring Noah Centineo and Laura Marano – both total eye candies – the movie is based on a seventeen year old trying to save up enough to get himself into Yale.

That’s all cool and dandy, but it’s the way he decides to earn that money is highly questionable and equally hilarious.

Through an app where Brooks, our main man, offers his services as a “chaperone” to take girls out on dates. Now the first thing I wondered was … isn’t that kind of like an escort or hooker? Fortunately, as the movie plays out we realise he really is a chaperone and becomes whatever the girls he goes out with want him to be – aka the perfect date.

Now to why I actually began writing this article.

The portrayal of our main girl, Celia, is absolutely exceptional! I just love her character. She subverts the typical role of women and young girls of having to wear dresses and going to parties – which we witness quite often in high school movies. Right from the start we see that she much rather hang out at a café and read a book than go to a preppy school dance.

Celia is classified as “weird”. Honestly, what is weird?

People are called weird or strange when they are not portrayed as ‘normal’.

Though she takes it in stride and calls herself that too, I just felt like I had to write about this.

I think I’m weird. I think everyone is weird in their own way.

No one is normal. That – to me – is impossible. Normal is something that has been constructed by society over centuries of oppression and forcing personal values and opinions upon others. For me, normal is overrated.

Actually scratch that.

“Normal” doesn’t even exist.

Especially not in the twenty first century, in this decade, where people are finding their own voice and being who they want to be, who they have a right to be.

My main point being:

Don’t be normal.

Be weird. Be funky. Be quirky.

Be you.

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  1. As teacher I would give this advice to all my students – great article! However you should really get back to studying for those exam!

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