Best fictional female leads – My favourite characters

We all love watching and reading about a head strong woman. I read a lot; it’s a hobby, a passion and an inspiration. What I love reading about are brilliant women mixed into my fantasy novels.

So here are my favourite female leads in my favourite novels or series:

  1. Mare Barrow in the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard

Have you ever read this series? If not, you definitely need to! A brief overview: It’s a world where Reds are discriminated and enslaved by the Silvers simply due to the colour of their blood and how silvers have special powers. However, in comes Mare Barrow through a literal shield of lighting and disrupts the perfect, superior world of the silvers with her red blood and immeasurable lighting powers. Mix in a forbidden love, an ever-growing rebel group and manipulative high houses, and you have the perfect fantasy-drama series to read.

Mare Barrow is such a complex character and at times I had to put my book down just to think about what on earth she’s thinking. She is super stubborn; I think the most stubborn female lead I’ve ever read about. But it’s a good kind of resilience – she is always fighting for her cause for equality between the reds and the silvers. She’s a bit blunt and snarky and it’s the perfect combo with her fiery temper and protective personality.

  1. Ruby in the Frost Blood Series by Elly Blake

The Frost Blood series is about two nations of people that have been at a conflict for centuries: the frost bloods and the fire bloods. With powers ranging from sculpturing flowers of ice to controlling boiling lava, the characters’ powers seem limitless. Ruby has been hiding her fire blood heritage her entire life while living in Tempesia, the kingdom of the frost. That is until her mother is brutally murdered and she’s captured by the royal guard, only to be broken out of with the help of the mysterious Arcus. A plan is created to train Ruby in her fire blood powers so that she can destroy the two magical thrones that have been wreaking havoc between the two kingdoms for so long. So much happens in this series that it would take the entire article to sum it up, so please just check this wonderful series out!

Now to our main protagonist, Ruby. I guess it’s a given that she has a very short and fiery temper that can melt a room of ice to a puddle of water. Ruby likes to be independent and keep to herself, as she has been taught by her mother her whole life, which is why the sudden help of a kind old man and the young brooding Arcus doesn’t sit well with her. Throughout the series we see her grow, from always feeling like an outcast to accepting herself, loving her powers and fighting for her people. I love the character development of Ruby given that fantasy life aside, her character is very realistic and appealing to readers who understand the personal conflict she has with herself.

  1. The female leads in The Bloody Chamber and Other stories by Angela Carter

Everyone needs to read this. It’s a collection of short stories drawing on fairy tales where Carter subverts the role of women. We have the main story, The Bloody Chamber, originally taken from the French folktale Bluebeard and written by Charles Perrault. The story is about a man who has married several times and all his wives have mysteriously disappeared each time. His newest wife discovers a chamber with the corpses of his previous wives and before she too can be given the same fate, her brothers come to save her. Now Carter’s version has a twist where at the end, a mother comes to save her daughter with a shotgun from a cynical murderous husband. Carter’s stories will confuse you, make you read it twice or thrice and blow you away.

  1. Six in the Lorien Series by Pittacus Lore

The Lorien series was the first series I had ever bought and surprisingly it all began with picking up a random book from my desk during registration at school. Strangely, I read the second book before the first and it all funnily made sense. These novels are about a hidden species hiding on earth. Nine children were sent to earth as their planet, Lorien, was attacked by a rivalling alien species and destroyed. Now teens, these magical beings have had to live on this foreign planet for years, separated from one another because that is the only way to stay safe. Safe from the Mogadorians – the rivalling species who have come to earth to hunt and kill these people. This sci-fi series is a must read!

Six is quirky with awesome invisibility and weather powers. She’s so headstrong and rebellious that you just can’t help but want to be like her. Though she’s not the main female lead, she is one of them since we have a few main characters in this series. Six is a born leader, always ready to take charge and dive in to danger. She rides a motorbike and in the film production of the first book, I Am Number Four, she looks pretty darn gorgeous doing it.

There are so many more female leads from amazing novels that I’d love to write about, but for now this will have to do. I hope you all read these wonderful books!

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