Introducing ‘Breaking Boundaries: Women at Queen Mary’, A New Series

I’d like to introduce you all to a brand-new series that will feature in the Muse section. Breaking Boundaries: Women at Queen Mary is going to explore what female empowerment means to central female figures at the university. This series echoes the themes of MUSE as our section champions the female voice and navigates what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. We want our content to be innovative and exciting, so we are collaborating with QMTV to film interviews with women at Queen Mary as well as publishing an article alongside each interview.  Keep your eyes peeled on social media for the next few weeks!

So, what is it all about? As I explained, the series will explore the theme of female empowerment by drawing attention to some of the amazing women at the university. The incredible talent, skill and inspiration that women bring to our university deserve to be appreciated and showcased. The women that we will interview are contributing to positive changes at Queen Mary and beyond; they are students and teachers alike, as they represent the rich diversity and perspectives that can be found at the university. We want to highlight the work they do and their accomplishments. The interviews will focus on their personal experiences, the obstacles they have faced as women, the boundaries they have broken, their dreams and ambitions, and most importantly, how they became empowered women.

As young women, starting out at the beginning of your careers, a lot of you have big dreams and ambitions. Sometimes, these dreams can feel out of your reach, but we want to show that there are women, just like you, breaking through the glass ceiling right here at the university. If you ever feel discouraged in life, I’d like these interviews to be something you can look back on and feel reinvigorated by.

Our first interview will be with Shamima Akter, the recently elected Vice President Welfare at Queen Mary.

If there is anyone you have in mind that you think deserves to be interviewed, or if you have any suggestions for the series drop us a message on Cub or QMTV’s social media pages on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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