What’s the Box Series: Part 4 – Closing the Diary of a Shy Girl

Hi everyone! All set for uni? We too have been counting down the days ever since the holidays began 😉. For all those returning, are you excited to start a routine? Ready for those 9ams?! Okay, I won’t speak any further about that! But if you’re a fresher, welcome to the Queen Mary Family! You have loads of opportunities here; discovering hidden talents and making use of every moment! Hence, I found this to be the appropriate time to write this article as a lot of you are new here. It’s a continuation of my series, but I am sure it will still make sense to you even if you start reading from here.

To briefly summarise everything, this series is aimed towards the shy squad looking to bring about a change in themselves. If you don’t know why this series is called ‘What’s the box’, I’ll come to that towards the end. If you do know, it’s time to peel the final three layers!

Let’s start by talking about friends. As I had discussed in one of my older articles, they are the primary step to interacting with people and establishing contacts. In other words, they are a family not bound by blood, but by close compatibility. You could say they are the family we choose. So, we must know who we are going to be friends with. Obviously there’s no rule to making friends; you simply hang out with the people you’re comfortable with. We can’t conclude that they’ll be exactly like us, as no person is exactly the same in terms of choices, personality or perspectives. The closest we could get to is being similar, or at least compatible with one another.

Therefore, I want to talk about making friends with personalities quite different from oneself, but also maintaining good compatibility. Sometimes being friends with different types of people can benefit our personality and, in turn, theirs, as we exchange views through communicating. The friends we make gradually turn into a family if we spend more time with them. And like we inherit qualities within our biological family, we can inherit some qualities from friends; in turn building each other’s personalities. 

That’s another page turned over, or layer peeled from the ‘Shy Squad’. But here’s another, saying YES to opportunities. I can’t generalise this, but some (or most) of us shy kids are slightly stubborn in a way; we wouldn’t take too big of risk without anticipating all of the possible consequences. In my case, I wasn’t confident in myself to take up an interesting opportunity thinking that it wasn’t for me. If you’re someone like me, break the ‘box’ or give it a try; it’ll help you when you face more such challenges in the world. If you’re nervous, take some help from a friend or a family member who has been through a similar situation before; they might be able to guide you well and boost your confidence. Shying away from opportunities often conceals talents you might have, and the ‘risk’ wouldn’t be a risk anymore. Take baby steps in converting the risk to a challenge, the challenge to an interest, and if things go great, you can add it to your hobby list!

There are living examples. I know a top-class engineer writing fiction books and living his life as a bestselling author, to an economist known as a famous movie star. In fact, my very own computer science professor ran her own dance institute! All these are proof that they gave their passion a boost by choosing an appropriate platform. The risk factor could have come with the package as well; imagine leaving a good job with an excellent pay to do something in which the outcome is majorly unpredictable; either a super hit or a flunk. Of course, don’t just take risks for the sake of it, but plan them properly and prepare a backup. There is a huge difference between planning and overthinking about the outcome; planning looks at the practical aspects whereas overthinking may breed negativity in some way. And above all, only take risks when you’re ready, no rush at all!

AND THE FINAL LAYER, probably the most important, is to listen to your heart. Do what you want to do. Assuming that you can judge what decisions are good for you, taking a call on listening to yourself is an important thing to do. That includes me advising you, but you should also do what you feel is best (not necessarily do what others suggest you to) and trusting your thoughts in situations whenever you feel so. Facing tricky situations independently can get you over advice from someone else. Trust your instinct and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t hesitate with your opinions. If you fail, don’t worry, you have learnt something, but if it turns out to be a success, nothing will taste sweeter than you achieving that on your own without help.

Ah yes, coming to the burning question for all the newbies. Why is this series called ‘What’s the box?’. As the saying goes, ‘Think outside the box,’ my series delivered articles in a modified form of that very phrase, implying that your thinking should not be limited to the sides of a box. By peeling every ‘layer’ of the box, we are opening doors to new ways of thinking.

And that closes the Diary of a Shy Girl! I hope you enjoyed peeling the layers of the box! The end of this series does not only eliminate the ‘box’, but rather designs pathways to a wider innovation of ideas. Your brain is a machine overflowing with ideas, not a ‘box’, so remember you are good in whatever you do! But hey, ending the series doesn’t end ideas, does it? 😉 Do catch up for more content, as I have a lot of interesting things coming up soon! xx

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