Axe Throwing at Whistle Punks: Why you should try it

To be completely honest, I’ve never had an explicit thought of taking an axe throwing class until a couple weeks ago. This all changed when I found out these classes actually existed in London! 

So, you can expect I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to try a session at Whistle Punks in Vauxhall when the opportunity presented itself. 

For 70 minutes, in a group of other axe-throwers, you get to learn how to throw an axe (which is harder than you expect) and at the end, participate in a fun competition with the group, aiming to get that bullseye with the axe. For each person, it’s £22 but for QMUL students, they’ve kindly offered a discount of 20% with the code: QMUL20

There is also the option of booking a lane exclusively for you and your friends. 

Naively, I walked in thinking ‘It can’t be hard at all right? It’s just throwing something ahead of you’. Well, I wasn’t exactly right. The first few tries were a fail, but the satisfaction I got once I picked it up and managed to hit the targets with the axe was insane. It felt like I was a post-apocalyptic warrior, or Kratos from God of War. 

When the competition started, I must admit I had a bit of performance anxiety, and didn’t do as good as I did on my throws before. However, my friend accumulated so many points with such awesome throws, and ended up winning! Honestly, the tension before that point was extremely high, I never thought I’d get so excited over my friend throwing an axe into the dead centre of a target. 

Also, as we are in a pandemic, I’d just like to add that this venue does a thorough cleaning of the axes (everybody has their own during each session) and surfaces. They also have hand sanitisers at each station and do temperature checks, so you can trust that it’s as protected against COVID-19 as possible. 

If you do go, you’ll have to sign a waiver with your details beforehand, but this only takes a couple of minutes.

So if you love feeling like a badass, learning new skills and having fun while doing so, I recommend trying axe throwing at Whistle Punks.

Now, I’m off to post the video of me throwing an axe in the target on Instagram.

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