2020 Beauty Trends

Yes, you’re right I do not have a crystal ball to exactly predict these things, but my Instagram feed is already popping off with new make-up trends. I can confirm we are finally moving away from the classic beauty influencer look of standard cut creases and moving into a realm of more creative make-up. By looking at all the posts I have recently saved on my social media, I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to take the beauty industry by storm, and you’re going to love these as much as I do. Be ready to screenshot these!

instagram: @brittnymakeup
  1. Pink Blush

Confession: I did not start wearing blush until this autumn. Most beauty gurus never really applied it and so I never really saw the point of investing in a good blush. Then one day, I was stalking the Charlotte Tilbury account, and I needed the perfect blush. I recommend the blushes by Chanel, they’re creamy, pigmented and give you the most beautiful cheeks. Spread this over you temples, under your brow bone, then your cheeks. Be bold with your blush this year!

instagram: @lapetitevengeanc
  1. Mismatched Eyeshadow

I am wearing a pink shadow on one eye and a blue shadow on the other as I write this. This is a risky one, but if you do not care about being bold, just wear those two different shades that you can’t decide on and are opposite each other on the colour scale. You can also opt for different shades of the same colour. 

instagram: @theartistedit
  1. Studs

If you’re anything like myself, you have been on the Euphoria bandwagon since the beginning of the show, in turn you have also stuck crystals and all forms of glitter onto your face. With characters like Jules, Maddy and Rue, the show has given insight into the ways people portray themselves and their personalities through makeup. I’ve stuck pearls to my face… now let’s stick on some gold studs. Check out my previous article on: ‘Accessories? Let’s add Glitter, Crystals and Pearls’.

instagram: @makeupbysahrra
  1. Pastel Eyeliner

I bought a pastel blue kohl eyeliner simply because I need all the shades of blue in my makeup kit, but I need more and I am certain I can obtain more with this trend blowing up in the beauty community. It’s quick, it’s easy, just draw that little bit of colour on above your lash line and you’re good to go

instagram: @makeupbylourose

5. Coloured Mascara

I was never a fan of this, but then I saw these rainbow lashes, and I was a woman obsessed. My cart is already full of coloured mascaras from ColourPop. Of course, not everyone is into a bright yellow or bright blue mascara, but try out a navy or a deep green mascara. Trust me, you’ll see an amazing difference. 

instagram: @victoriabeckhambeauty

6. Floating Liner

I love me a good bit of eyeliner now. I am hoarding more colours everyday because I need to change it up everyday. I’ve got neons,  metallics (plus a black one that is rarely, if ever, touched). But, we have all done the standard cat eyeliner, let’s go full on ’60s, lining under our brows. It was amazing at the Victoria Beckham show at London Fashion Week this year. When recreating this look, I took a thin damp eyeliner brush, and used a kohl liner above my crease. It was a simple, yet perfect look for those classes I was always almost late to this semester.

Try out these trends, who knows, maybe they’ll stick around for the entire year for you. Take some pictures of yourself, and tag the magazine in them when you do, these trends are simply too hard to resist!

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