SAG Awards 2020: Who Wore What?

The SAG Awards is a showdown between the best in film and television, but this year’s red carpet was a showdown between the best of the ruffled gowns, here are my favourites.

instagram: @schiaparelli

Where to begin with Cynthia Erivo’s Schiaparelli look! The beautiful complementation of the red and the pink colours are so pleasing to my eyes. Then the dress which explodes out into this amazing ruffle before seeping down into a flowing huge train, it’s elegant and exciting!

instagram: @miumiu

The cutsey, girly Miu Miu dress is a quiet showstopper. It’s graceful with an almost Mary Quant edge in the white floral patches, all tied up with a huge exaggerated bow. It’s got the historical feeling of a 17th century ball gown with it’s traditional floral pattern, but updated to bring it to the modern day.

instagram: @kathrynnewton

Another princess moment with Kathryn Newton in this Valentino gown. The ruffled dress is fashionably classic. It’s then made original with the bright orange colour, which some may see as garishly distasteful but the classic shape of the dress and Newton’s scraped back hair and simple make up tone it down to a beautifully sophisticated look.

instagram: @gwendolineuniverse

This black Rick Owens dress worn by Gwendoline Christie is an avant-garde take on the traditional red carpet gown. Its structured yet simultaneously unstructured silhouette creates an illusion of shape. Whilst a boxy fit can be unflattering the way the dress cuts out and ruffles at the hips creates its own silhouette, it’s almost like a sculpture.

instagram: @miumiu

Lili Reinheart’s pearl encrusted ruffled dress from Miu Miu was a monochromatic statement. The billowing out ruffles of the skirt paired with the simple neckline and elegant pearl detailing all worked together to create a sweet and sophisticated look.


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