Noodles in London You Have to Try

I love noodles in all their forms: ho fun, hand-pulled (lamian), udon, soba, ramen, hokkien…I could go on. 

Luckily, in the melting pot that is London, you can find any kind of noodles you may be craving.

Here are some of my personal favourite noodle dishes in London.


  1. Tonkotsu ramen at Ippudo or Kanada-Ya

These are the perfect restaurants for a rich, almost creamy tonkotsu broth and noodles that are just the right firmness. 

Both have branches in the Soho and Covent Garden area (I mean, nearly every popular restaurant has a branch here), as well as others around central London.


    2. Lamian (hand-pulled) noodles at Silk Road

These noodles have that home-made, fresh taste that you can’t always get in other establishments. Furthermore, the spices and flavours that the noodles are coated in are delicious.

They have belt (wide) noodles as well as a more udon-like noodle. Both are handmade.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this place to those who can’t handle their spice, as they specialise in Sichuan cuisine from China, which is known for their use of heat in cooking.

However, it’s not central, as it’s located south of the river in Camberwell.

3. Huge portions of ho-fun at Tai Won Mein

This place is perfect to visit when you’re very hungry, since it will definitely fill you up. The noodles are at a pretty good price considering the portion. My usual is the seafood or beef ho-fun but the others are just as good.

I’d recommend sticking to the dry noodles as opposed to the ones with soup, which tend to lack flavour in the broth.


4. Pho at Mien Tay

The beef-flavoured broth is perfect to slurp on cold days. It’s rich yet not too heavy.

They also serve frogs legs here, which I decided to try. They’re alright but there isn’t much meat so maybe try it once just to say that you have and leave it at that.

Also, a fun fact is that Benedict Cumberbatch (or you may know him from memes as Benadryl Cabbagepatch or Buttercup Crumplesnatch) has eaten here. 

Also, it’s the nearest to Queen Mary University, located on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch.


5. Belt/biang biang noodles at Xi’an impression

Their chewy, spicy noodles are the most popular dish at this restaurant. Like Silk Road, they specialise in Sichuan cuisine so this is your word of warning. It is a bit out of the way since it’s in Highbury but if you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s worth a visit. 

      6. Katsu Curry Udon at Misato

Everything at Misato is worth a try, especially their katsu curry udon and rice. I’d especially recommend this place if you want something cheap (e.g. udon is £6-7) and are either going alone or with maximum one or two friends, as it’s a small restaurant. 

The location is very central, as it’s in Chinatown. 


Other notable recommendations from friends: Lamian Lanzhou Noodle Bar, Mr. Meng, Shoryu, Koya, Fen Noodles


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