Did Disney warn us about COVID-19?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus many theories have surfaced in the news and people have compared the pandemic to certain television shows and movies. One of these, however, particularly stuck out to me and I dug deep into it. 


We are all aware of the classic story of Rapunzel that was adapted by Disney in 2010. Twitter user @secretmoments13 pointed out that Rapunzel had been kept in isolation in a tower for 18 years. At the moment, people all across the world are being asked to practice social distancing and self isolation to slow down the spread of coronavirus. 


But that is not all – Rapunzel’s stepmother kept her in isolation because she wanted to shield her from the kingdom. Are you now wondering what that Kingdom was? The kingdom was Corona. Naturally, this means that Rapunzel was kept in isolation to protect her from Corona – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?



It is difficult to ascertain whether Disney had predicted the outbreak of covid-19 or not. It is, however, a compelling coincidence.


At the moment, there is a lot of anxiety and hysteria over self-isolation and lock-downs. It is worth mentioning that Rapunzel was kept in isolation for 18 years and she was able to keep herself entertained. Although fictional yet her example could be taken as motivation to remain calm in a time of hysteria and nerves.  


Most of us are fortunate enough to be living in relatively safe countries where we do not fear our survival and safety on a daily basis. Therefore,  in times like these, let’s try to do the things that bring us peace and work towards nourishing our mental and emotional well-being. Let’s be a little more considerate of those that are more vulnerable!

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