Finding False Lashes

I have never actually worn any false lashes as my eyes are prone to many problems and are quite sensitive. It’s a tragedy for me but at least I have got many friends who have plenty of false lashes to recommend for you guys. They have opinions on them and have got the best lashes from their favourite brands.

There is no need to be hesitant when it comes to finding false lashes. They have come a long way in a few years as they have become more natural, lightweight and refined. The same goes for the eyelash glue used to adhere lashes. You can get adhesives that dry invisibly now. You can also use individual lashes for a more seamless finish. There are so many out there, I know must be hard to decide, so I had my friends come up with the nine best false lashes they have used.

Let’s find you some lashes!

Tatti Lashes: 3D Brazilian Silk Hair (TL21)

If you want a natural-looking lash then you’ve come to the right place. These are elegant and soft. You can be assured that you will be left with realistic lashes thanks to the soft and fluffy fibres. You can reuse them several times and can find them on your favourite celebrities, too!

Illamasqua: Desire (27)

These are handmade and cruelty-free lashes that add a little volume and a little bit of length to your natural eyelashes. These lashes are another great option for those looking for natural false lashes. They are great for those looking to reuse their lashes a handful of times and are very lightweight.

Lilly Lashes: Hollywood

If you want a seriously dramatic lash then you’ve found it. These lashes are full and fluttery. These lashes will add volume and length to any look. They are glamorous without being over the top. The hair focuses the length on the centre of the band to ensure your eyes look wider and rounded.

Eyelash Emporium: Walk of Fame Studio Strip

These are wispy, subtle lashes that work whether you’re wearing eye make-up or not. The lashes are evenly distributed. I would recommend these lashes for those with round eyes, but let’s be honest, they look great on anyone. These are faux mink and reusable for several wears.

Eylure: Individuals

A great option for those wanting to go for a 60s lash look. You can use a few of these individual lashes to create a subtle look or create fuller lashes for yourself. This kit comes with short, medium and long length flares. You can create so many looks with this kit.

Velour: Another Shot of Whispie

A wonderful choice for those looking to add natural volume to their natural eyelashes. These are silk lashes with a cotton band. The lashes are the definition of wispy. They feature a unique clustered pattern and are great for the everyday look.

House of Lashes: Siren Double

Another brilliant option for adding drama to your natural eyelashes. These lashes are doubled in density and doubled in drama. They will help bring together an unforgettable look. If you are a fan of the original lashes then you will be in love with these ones. You’re getting seduction in a lash.

Morphe: Calabasas

Another flirtatious lash for those wanting a lightweight and wispy effect. You can only get five or six uses out of these. However, they are the perfect everyday pair of lashes, so you can’t go wrong with picking them. These are also really easy to apply.

MAC: Lash (43)

Another great choice for individuals. They are all patterned, and the design is shaped and arranged for the most striking effect. You can decide whether you want these lashes to be natural or dramatic. You need to put in the care for these lashes so they can be reshaped or embellished on the next wear.

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