Film Review: A Way Of Life

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A way of life unfolds the story and influences of the hip-hop genre through the eyes and experiences of musicians around the world. The meticulously edited documentary could be easily watched as a two- or three-part documentary, through its captivating narrative. It can lure you into the story of hip-hop that can convince even the most difficult of audiences.

The history of the tormented and the revolution of the oppressed resulted in social and political upheaval. The ignorance of being treated as peripheral, which led to political injustice constitutes a reference point throughout the documentary as for many artists it is the reason why it skyrocketed the popularity of hip-hop. From country to country, the influences of the genre differ. Many musicians who were featured in the documentary expressed their admiration towards graffiti and how it urged them to the world of hip-hop while others noted the influence that dance had on them. On the other hand, some artists did not hesitate to mention the linguistic struggles of writing lyrics about hip-hop as some languages sound ‘aggressive’ in the genre.

Photo via A Way of Life

Although masculinity is usually associated with many genres including hip-hop, one would expect that women would be marginalized in the documentary. Instead, talented, strong, and powerful women who master their craft as independent female artists were featured highlighting their displeasure against mistreatment and injustice.

The documentary addresses everyone who has experienced discrimination and expressed their frustration through music. Hip-hop is seen and interpreted through the eyes of many generations of different cultures. The burdensome situations of each of the musicians led to creativity, which was unfolded through music.

In addition to their own struggles of social rejection, artists expressed their views on the future of hip-hop and the influences on younger generations as well as the uncertainty of living in monitored freedom. From Michael Jackson to dance and the evolution of their craft and the misery of wars, nothing can set boundaries in art and the universal language that can be communicated and understood by every human being.

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