Brewing Positivity

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Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing safe during this period of time. Since we are working or studying at home, there would naturally be a tendency to feel restless being disconnected from our daily routines. The best way to counter this would be to stay positive and look into making the best use of this time. 

Rather than worrying, the best solution would be to create a new stay-at-home activity-packed routine, refraining us from staying idle and negative thoughts. I have come up with a new routine to follow, which I plan to follow sincerely while away from uni. You could try it too!


Wake up early

Best way to start your day, hands down. Avoid all-nighters. You haven’t gotten days off to waste time, but to stay productive even under these circumstances. Make sure you get seven hours of sleep, wake up with a fresh mind to start the day.


Self-care is often not prioritised in our daily routines due to our busy lifestyle. Stay hydrated, eat mineral-rich foods, take care of your skin, etc. Take a break from heat-styling tools and cosmetic products and switch to using homemade/natural skincare items. Wear comfy clothing too! 

Read a book

Make a point to read 10-15 pages every day, the more the better, but if you are not an avid reader this should give you a good head start. 

Look out of the window

Watch the sunset. Since we’ll be using laptops/phones/books for a major part of our day, it could be quite strenuous to the eyes. Take breaks every 20 minutes from what you are doing to look out of the window; admire the sunrise/sunset. It’s something not very common in our daily routines.


Since a lot of gyms have closed down, this is your time to create your very own home gym. If you don’t have any equipment at home, yoga is the best alternative. Create a small space in your room, to do some breathing and stretching exercises (you can find a lot of sources from Youtube). Staying at home should not be an excuse for you not to stay fit. Exercise is essential to boosting our immune system and we must incorporate it as a part of our daily routine. Encourage your family to join you as well, as it gets more motivating when you have more people engaged around you.


If you don’t feel like exercising at home, try dancing, one of the ‘happiest’ form of exercises in my opinion. It releases endorphins resulting in a stress-free mind and a great way to stay fit. 

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash


Your essays and dissertations! 😉 Yes, do that, but also fit in time to write about anything. It could be poetry, a limerick or a short story. Let this stay-at-home period give you a chance to spill your creativity in different ways.

Spend time with family

Connect time with family; watch a movie together, play board games, have a karaoke night, cook together and have a merry family chatter. You could also call up your family/friends around the world, to ask how they’re doing; surprise them with a video call while you do karaoke session!

Spend time off social media

I know how tempting it sounds to get on the couch and scroll, up and down on your phone, but you’ll be wasting half your day in the same manner. Getting off social media does sound like a bit too much, especially when you are at home all day, but imagine yourself in a world without smartphones and check alternatives for recreational activities. Try painting, sketching (you don’t necessarily have to be an artist!), draw a picture of your pet, play your favourite musical instrument or learn how to play one.

Instead of binge-watching hours on Netflix, try doing something productive yet fun! Learn a new language (you could try Duolingo), check Coursera which offers a plethora of subjects in programming, CAD, design etc.

Last, but not the least, study!

Do not take study time for granted. Make most of the time you have. Since most study has shifted online, view and actively participate in online lectures/study material! For all those doing final year dissertations, try doing the theoretical research in online libraries. 

A tip! Change rooms while you work. Obviously, I can’t expect you to move around if you are working on a desktop, but if you have a laptop or are working on paper, change rooms to improve concentration and eradicate boredom. Listen to soft study music while you work. It helps.

If you think about it, all these activities recompensate to your time of travelling, dressing up to work or uni, etc. Don’t think about the tasks you can’t do, but think of everything you can do!

Stay safe. 

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