Response to Covid- 19


You are a mistake and a representation

of the fallibility of man.

You appeared from an error in creation,

and decided to stay.

You hide in plain sight, the greatest monster in this world,

as you get ready to play.

You weave into every touch and breath,

as though this is a game.


You mark your territory upon surfaces that we

have touched.

You spread from one city to the next from a simple

stroke of hands.

You started in China and moved to Japan, and now

I hear you are in Afghanistan.


Sneaking and seeping through cracks and crevices,

you creep into the air.

I breathed you in and you made yourself at home,

invading my body.

You seep into my lungs like smoke and I can’t seem

to breathe you out.


You have changed my appearance and stolen my

beauty and strength.

You never leave me alone and have waged a war in

my flesh and bones.

When all I want is for you to wither away so I can

finally return home.


I will wait for a day when I have to fear no more of

being outside without gloves on.

I hope to hug friends with no worry of breathing in

anything except their perfume and scent.

I wish to feel comfort and mourn the loss of our loved

ones with proper burials.

I want to celebrate the second chance we have been

given in this beautiful world.


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