The Antidote To Your Lockdown Blues is Tep No’s ‘We Could Be Cool’

In a year where the unpredictable has reigned supreme, Tep No’s amazing ‘We Could Be Cool’ provides the ultimate soundtrack for any situation.

Tropical beats, soothing melodies and lyrics that mesh vulnerability with the pains of modern dating, this song does it all. Tep No’s barely-there vocals gently translate the feelings of unfulfilled potential into soothing sounds. Giving a vibe that mixes the fun beats of Calvin Harris with the sleepy tunes of Tame Impala, it’s impossible to dislike the flexibility of Tep No. ‘We Could Be Cool’ takes this even further, proving a contrast between the relaxing melody and the yearning lyrics in a way that, to mimic the title, is just so very cool. The repetition of the song’s title throughout sums up the glories of modern dating – haven’t we all tried to play it cool at some point, only to fail miserably? 

‘We Could Be Cool’ drew me in immediately- the easy electronic beats reminding me of easier times and warmer places. Tep No has leaned into this throughout, and one look at his Instagram tells us that tropical beaches have been a major influence on his music. The effortless simplicity of the lyrics with a repetitive beat lays down the relaxing vibes and makes this song the perfect background music. 

Tep No then breaks the distance created by the hook with a moment of soul-baring realness at the end of the song, with the line “I wanted to hold you close.” Sandwiched between the repeating lyrics, this line packs a punch, showing the vulnerability that makes this song so perfectly crafted. For me, the sounds of the ocean at the end close off the song perfectly and only add to the transporting feeling created throughout. Tep No himself named the track, a moment of “reflecting on the physical connection during the pandemic, and wondering if someone who we are friends with, lover, family, will still want to see us or if they’ve decided to move on”. I’m sure that’s something we can all relate to in such crazy times, and at least we’ve got Tep No’s music to comfort us through it. 

Tep No, whose name itself is a play on the word ‘techno’, has called the song his first Indie release in 5 years, a description I think is a slight misbranding. However, the song has big potential to be a tropical house banger, completely in line with Tep No’s catalogue of smooth summer tunes, and personally, I’m thankful for it.

It’s been a big few years for Tep No, who has remained hidden behind his mysterious nickname throughout his career after American radio personality Ryan Seacrest named him as one of his favourite artists. With his smooth music that is just ripe for summer barbeques, I predict that summer 2021 will be a good time to be Tep No. 

Whether you need a song to shower to, to sleep to, to do essays to, or to cry to- ‘We Could Be Cool’ is the song for you, and ready to transport to summer beach bonfires with your mates.

‘We Could Be Cool’ is available on all streaming services now!

Media and quotes courtesy of WHITEBOARD PR. 

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