The Secrets I Learned From Others

I haven’t been in the make-up game as long as others have been, but I certainly have learned a lot from others, whether they are beauty influencers, celebrity make-up artists or my friends. Here are some of the tips and tricks I have learned from others:

Crease Lightning

I learned this trick from celebrity make-up artists who are all about the glow, it doesn’t matter what others tell you, you are allowed to use non-matte eyeshadows in your crease. I think I just said the most blasphemous thing in the beauty community. Please move on from the world of matte creases, dark outer corners and shimmery eyelids! I am all about changing things up when it comes to my make-up looks. I love a glossy lid, so much so that I have put glitter gloss on them, but when I don’t want the mess then I opt for placing some glitter in my crease. If you want to unleash your inner Jennifer Lopez, this is how you can get that shimmery look.

Watch Where You Set

I owe all of my knowledge of setting my makeup to Charlotte Tilbury and Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury as they taught me how to use the Tilbury Flawless Finish Setting Powder. You are not to throw the powder all over your face. I love it when my make-up glows. This is also helpful for those who have oily skin from time to time. You want to stay snatched all day, right? Just take a small brush and direct where you need the power to go. Be precise in your powder power. 

Prep Your Brush

I need make-up that can last throughout the entire night. I usually have champagne sprayed on my face at some point, so I need to make it through every bottle of liquor that is thrown at me during the night. Brushing before you apply foundation is essential. This will help add a glow to your foundation and keep your make-up in place for a very long time. It’s quite the simple trick, but I love it because it’s very easy, and very effective. 

pexels: @vitoriasantos

Make the Most of Your Skincare

I cannot stress this enough, but if you are not prepping your skin before you apply make-up, what are you doing with your life? It is vital to have a clean and moisturised base before you apply a drop of foundation. You’ll probably find fewer problems with your foundation when you do this. It saved my skin when I began wearing make-up on a daily basis.

A Manicure Lasting Longer

I got some great advice on my social media outlets after crying about having a chip in the manicure I gave myself earlier that week. It’s quite simple, even as you apply nail polish to your bare nails, just rub some nail polish remover on them first. That way, you will remove the oils on the surface of your nails, which can help prolong your manicure. After all, I simply do not have the time to constantly re-apply my nail polish, I need my products to last!

Hold it with Hairspray

I used to think hairspray was a colossal waste of money, until my hair couldn’t be tamed, then I realised it was my only salvation. For this one, towards the end of your blow-dry session, add a little hairspray to your brush then run it through your hair. This will tame some of those untameable strands without leaving your hair stiff and stone-like. This way you can have everything put into place with all the volume and shine you got out of blow-drying your hair. 

Softness is Underrated

I am not obsessed with feet, but I am obsessed with making sure they look good, because they get the biggest battering when you’re out and about. There is little benefit in spending hours using a foot file hoping to salvage your feet. You want a quick and easy solution, here you go! You need to remove your calluses and hard skin during your sleep. How do you do that while you’re not awake, you ask? Put on some Vaseline before you sleep, cover them with socks, then wake up to very soft feet.

Hair Strokes

I have spent years perfecting my brow filling technique. This one took me a while to get around to, but instead of filling them in as if you were using a colour pencil, add hair strokes using a very thin brow pomade or pen. Then keep your brows in place sousing a clear brow gel to give yourself a brow lift. Always remember to push the hairs upwards to make you look more awake. 

Remember that you’re never at the end of learning things in the realm of make-up and skincare. So, keep an eye out for the next tip or trick you see. Leave a comment below on some of the secrets you have learned from others, too!

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